Back in NAM

Greenbank Building

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Obviously not vietNAM but the UK’s National Astronomy Meeting. This is my first NAM and so far it’s so-so. There have been interesting talks and I have met some interesting people. However so far I would call it fun or jolly.
Basically every year the UK’s astronomy community gathers together an holds a week of talks discussing and presenting and displaying the things that they do.
My particular topic, Star Formation, gets full coverage on Friday so until then I am hitting all the aspects that I find useful or intresting that are being held elsewhere. I went this morning to the Education and Public Outreach talks and found them really interesting. Did you know that 2007 is the International Heliospheric Year? (Link) Also 2009 will be the UN’s International Year of Asrtonomy (Link).
I have seen some very cool videos of the Sun, which I will blog about later too.
The photo above is of the main building in which this is being held, the Greenbank Building in the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.
Finally I’d just like to say that as I write this I have become one of those annoying people who sits on their laptop during a conference – yay for free WiFi!


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