The Jodcast


What do you call a podcast from Jodrell Bank? Well duh, its a Jodcast (Link). Running since early 2006, the Jodcast from Manchester’s world-class, historical radio scope is quite good fun. I’ve listened to the latest episode and also the special NAM episodes so far and have to say I rather like it.

It does have, you’ll be glad to know, a good amount of astronomy content. In fact it would be ideal for the astronomy enthusiast who doesn’t have access to journals etc. It is long and runs to just over an hour an episode (excluding the NAM specials) but since it’s only once a month this seems just about right. The guys who make it clearly have a sense of humour and they also give a crap – which you’d be surprised but can seem a novelty sometimes in academia.

I am now subscribed and will keep listening for at least a couple more episodes to see how it fits into my iPod’s busy life. I wish them the best of luck – not that they need it since their subscription base is in the thousands after just over a year. Well done them.


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