Jodcast Widget

You may recall I blogged about The Jodcast. There are some podcasts I find I listen to on my iPod and there others I listen to on my Mac. The former is easy but the latter can be annoying – you have to open iTunes and open it there etc etc – how tiresome(!). So i like to go and get the dashboard widget of these podcasts and have them close to hand.

I couldn’t find one on the Jodcast website so I thought I’d spend a half hour making them one, so here it is. Easy enough to use, it gives you a drop down list of the latest Jodcasts and lets you listen by pressing play. It’ll even remember the playback position for you and also allow to subscribe via iTunes if you so wish. If anyone wants to port it, or recreate it for the Yahoo! Widgets Engine then feel free.

Jodcast Widget Front

Jodcast Widget Back


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