Red Skies


Mars is back, and doing things it shouldn’t! Our warring friend started May in the constellation Aquarius, it then moved into Pisces on the 8th. For a really cool thing (if you’re utterly geeky like me) you should look up between the 24th and 29th when it cuts across the corner of Cetus, the constellation of the Whale. Since Cetus isn’t in the zodiac, this is nice sight and hopefully befuddles all those silly astrologers everywhere (It then goes back into Pisces again.)

The only problem you’ll have is that Mars is very low-down in the south-eastern dawn skiey. You also have only a 15 minute window of observation, from about 4.45am, before the sky is too bright anyway. Give it a go or just lie in bed and ‘know’ that Russell Grant is spitting tacks.

Also, Chris Lintott has a link to some lovely Mars images over on his blog.


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