Blogosphere: This Week in Astronomy

New idea for a weekly blog post detailing the week’s interesting blog entries. So here we go…

Latest Declamations about the Arrow of Time, from Cosmic Variance. This blogger is a deep thinker with some really great articles. The reason I point out this post is that it contains a presentation on the arrow of time and cosmology which is really worth reading as an advanced overview of the topic.

Moon Madness, from Astronomy Blog. Stuart found that Sussex police were investigating the link between the full Moon and crime. It was based on a good idea involving light levels, but somehow the data just doesn’t add up, as he explains.

Living Space: Show 2. Chris Lintott and Harriet Scott have begun producing an astronomy podcast. It’s very professionally done, but in my humble opinion, it still needs to find its feet. I have faith that it will do this though. Definitely worth subscribing as this could well be something to replace the Sky at Night in your life. I am blogging a review about this podcast in an upcoming post.

Astronomers Find most Massive Star Ever Discovered, from Bad Astronomy. This post is exactly what it says on the tin. At time of writing, this post had racked up 1339 diggs too!

Wellington Grey’s open letter to the AQA was featured in an earlier post this week. A UK physics teacher lets rip at the constraints placed upon him by the examinations board. Excellently done and a must-read for all UK citizens.

June 2007 edition of the Jodcast. A laughed a bit too much at the opening Graduate pastiche and enjoyed listening to Jocelyn Bell Burnell talk about discovering pulsars.

So that’s it for this week, well done to all those bloggers.


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