Blogosphere: This Week in Astronomy

So what’s caught my eye this week? Well let’s see shall we.

A night on the (not-so-bare) mountain, from Chris Lintott. Chris went observing in Hawaii and let everyone in on his actions by blogging it as he went along. Cool idea, I’d be interested to see more astronomers do this at other observatories and maybe we can build a catalogue of experiences. Also, Chris, try it with Twitter next time and we can follow you even more rabidly.

European Space Jet Unveiled, from Universe Today. Nicve article about the Astrium shuttle to the skies! I like Universe Today’s style.

All Hail Eris, queen of the Dwarf Planets, from AstroBlog. So it turns out that Eris is also more massive than Pluto which really consigns Pluto to the dwarf club. Poor thing.

Bounced from the Moon, from Astronomy Blog. This is a cool article about something called a Moon Bounce. I had never heard of such a thing before but they do it at JB and that’s fine by me. i’m going to figure out how to be at one myself someday.
If you can think of anyone with a great blog post you think should be included then drop me a line, or comment here.


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