The Podcasts Are Here

It wasn’t long ago that I was thinking to myself ‘where are all the science podcasts?’, now I have too many! When i first got my iPod a couple of years ago there wasn’t too much in the way of choice for science podcasts about. I am currently listening to episode three of Living Space, and there will be a new Jodcast soon – thats not to mention all the others I now like. Oh what the hell – let’s mention them:

The Jodcast – an irreverant but factual look at astronomy. Delivered monthly and available in feature-specific chunks as downloads online or via RSS feeds and iTunes.

Living Space – A sort of made-for-radio astronomy podcast (the best ones often are) which is very professionally done and each of its three episodes so far have been an improvement on each other. Keep it up guys.

Nature Podcast – A weekly podcast which highlights content from the journal Nature. They seem to have access to high-profile people and usually speak to the authors and researchers of the articles they discuss.

Guardian Unlimited Science – Weekly and fun, covers the Guardian’s science articles. Has been going for a while and developed personalities which make for a little more entertainment with your science.

Science Talk: This is a podcast from Scientific American. Its often nice and neatly short and covers maybe a story or two in a little detail.

Finally it is worth pointing out that if you use iTunes there is now something called iTunes U (for university) where you can download whole series of lectures from the big American universities and a couple of UK ones too. Not technically a podcast but near enough. This is a new service from Apple and one that should definitely be developed if everyone ever stops talking about the bloody iPhone!

So there you go, that’s what I’m listening to. I’m also listening to this, but its nothing to do with astronomy so I really shouldn’t mention it…


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