Amazing Photosynth from NASA

If you haven’t heard of Photosynth, its an incredible idea from Microsoft’s labs (yes they do cool stuff too!). Basically the concept is that as more and more photos are taken of a particular object or location the better a computer could get at creating a sort of simulated view of it (a ‘synth’) in which you can swing it about in 3D.

Since millions of digital photos are taken each week and uploaded all over the internet, the guys and gals at Photosynth are trying to demonstrate their impending software relase with a few choice examples from ‘the cloud’. In this example they have created synths of the buildings around the shuttle Endeavour.


Its Windows only, but more than worth a look. this is the future of digital photography and what a cool example subject. Go, now, to Microsoft Live Labs: Photosynth. They also have a Notre Dame example.

Thanks to James for the tip on this one.


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