Things Are Looking Up

If you haven’t already then now is the time to subscribe to the Twitter feeds I made for many cities around the world. As of about the 4th of October it will once again become dark enough that the International Space Station (ISS) will become visible in the evenings over much of northern Europe.


In case you haven’t seen the previous post on the matter you can subscribe to Twitter feeds which let you know half an hour before the ISS goes over your home town. The feeds can be found for the following cities:

Over Aix-en-Provence
Over Birmingham
Over Belfast
Over Cardiff
Over Dublin
Over Edinburgh
Over Hong Kong
Over Indianapolis
Over Milton Keynes
Over Manchester
Over New York
Over Paris
Over San Francisco
Over Sydney


Much of September offered only very early morning chances to see the station going by but October will give us much more opportunities in civilized hours as the length of darkness grows.

Enjoy your station-spotting.


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