Mac OSX Westie

Well its finally here! I have just upgraded my Macbook to the new Westie operating system and I’m already seeing the advantages. For starters my lovely white mac has already acquired a really handy muddy fringe just below the trackpad. Gorgeous!

For ease of use, Westie also allows you to browse your files in Westieflow, which shows you thumbnail images of all your files as if they have been chewed up and torn apart. You can also use QuickBark to try and access these files without leaving the Finder. When you do this, the documents will run away from you playfully, getting more and more torn up as they do so.

Westie also lets you use Spaces to do several things at once. So let’s say you’re browsing the web and preparing a photo album in iPhoto at the same time. You can put each of these activities into a different workspace. When you do, Westie will put itself into a third space where it will growl and wiggle, alerting you to much needed attention in that space. The fourth space is always reserved entirely for Westie where it can tug on your virtual trouser leg and ask to be let in/out of the Finder window.

The improved DVD player in Westie allows you to watch movies like never before. If any of your movies happen to feature dogs, cats or other animals Westie will flash up handy messages like ‘hey, there’s a dog on screen’ and ‘hey, look at that – a dog!’.

The new stacks feature in Westie lets piles of documents sit in your dock. You can even make Smart Stacks for movies and downloaded files. For your convenience, Westie has placed a ‘Walk’ stack in your dock. Whenever you even go near the Walk stack with your mouse, Westie will make your mac vibrate and bleep. It will use the new in-built motion sensor to show you where the front door is and begin preparing to eject any disks that are currently loaded. (This will also happen if you type walk into any document; or even if you play any songs with words that sound like the world walk, including talk, squark and work).

Finally, Westie now has Boot Camp built in, which means you can start-up your Mac in Shih-Tzu, Spaniel or even Collie*.

Westie is available pretty much anywhere, in various levels of naughty, cheeky and loveable. Don’t worry about training. Westie will train you how to use it within a few weeks of installing.

Have fun!

*Spaniel is great for games in the first couple of years but then really slows down and needs upgrading. Shih-Tzu is really more of a compact OS that can often be run from a memory stick (it doesn’t require much memory). If you really wanna get some work done, go for the Collie option.

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