The Jodcast

In the kind of circles I run in (you know, my high falootin’ scene) I am often asked where to find astronomy resources for the everyman. These people, and the occasional blog reader’s email are always told the same thing: download the Jodcast.

I have mentioned the Jodcast before on this blog but I think stuff like this can always do with reiterating. Especially since I now have readers!


The Jodcast is an IOP and STFC funded podcast from Jodrell Bank. You get the name now, yeah?

You can download the Jodcast either as a full show, or in sections, depending on which bit you’re after. They also have French, Portuguese, Hindi, Farsi and Chinese (is that a language?) news feeds. The show is monthly, with an ‘extra’ show mid-month acting something like the extra-features for the first show.

The main topics of interest of the moment are covered as well as what you might like to take a look at in the sky, and how. They also interview some people and they do a nice job of spacing out the hour-long show so that its more chunkable for your listening. The presenters are affable and the show would fall into a ‘family’ category by my reckoning. I’ve certainly never heard them use the S(aturn), F(ar Infrared) or C(omet) words.

Their RSS feed can be found right here, or just search for the Jodcast in iTunes. You might also be nice and write them an iTunes review while you’re there.


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