Bad Astronomered

A quick glance at my blog statistics reveals that I was the recipient of a spike in traffic last Friday (see graphic). Sites used to have trouble when they got linked to by popular engines, such as Digg or StumbleUpon and of course anyone could be ‘slashdotted’.


I seem to have been ‘Bad Astronomered’. My statistics also show that the offending page was Phil’s Thursday posting titled Travisty of Astronomy, but no link to my site can be found there. Though a mysterious reference to a ‘bad link’ from Phil in the comments suggests that maybe I had been placed in error and then (like a weed) removed.

Thanks for the brief flurry, Phil. I really must get some ads put up in case this happens again. I also note that several of the unsuspecting guests went on to read a post or two: welcome, if you’re still reading.


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