Lunar Eclipse from Another Perspective

In my previous post, detailing tonight’s Lunar Eclipse (the last until December 2010), I included a YouTube video I made showing what you might expect to see if it is clear. Well included here is the same video plus two more showing the same event from the perspective of the Moon and the Sun.

The night-side of the Earth has been lightened, in this video as seen from the Moon, to show where the countries are. Viewing location is the Sea of Tranquility where Apollo 11 landed in 1969. Note the parts of the Earth that can been ‘seen’ here. These are the only places you will see the eclipse from.

This is the video from my previous post about the eclipse. This is the view from Cardiff, UK. Note that toward the end, the horizon comes into view as the eclipse only visible until sunrise here.

In this video from the perspective of the Sun, the Earth’s penumbral shadow on the Moon is drawn on as a circle behind the Earth. Interestingly the Moon is partially shadowed even when the Sun is shining on it from another angle. This is the effect of the different penumbral and umbral shadows, explained here on Wikipedia, or in this exaggerated image:

Enjoy the eclipse is the weather is good where you are. I think I shall have to suffice with photos from last year.


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