Some Eclipse Videos and Images

African Flickr User Viaan

So I didn’t get to see the lunar eclipse last night because of the cloud. But no matter! Thanks to the internet I already have a wealth of videos and images available. The one above is from Flickr user Viaan. Here are some of the best I have spotted so far…

This one was posted as a response to my video on YouTube. Viewed from Orlando Florida.

From opposite sides of a continent, these two images let you see that the Earth is round. They are taken at the same time. The first is from Toronto, the second from British Columbia.

Toronto Flickr User scott3eh

BC Flickr User Bob_2006

This one has annoying music (seriously why do YouTubers do this?) but is still a fairly still capture.

I will end with this amazing montage from Flickr user n8xk, who has other cool images worth taking a look at too. Many more images of the eclipse in the Flickr pool too.

Flickr User n8xd


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