“Academia is an accreditation of real stupidity – deadly to all humanity. Dumb ass teachers fear Time Cube and will eat dung before debating it. Dumb students are educated stupid.”

This is just one amazing quotation from the website of ‘Dr.’ Gene Ray, self-proclaimed wisest human. His site, timecube.com outlines in near gibberish the fact that we have all been deluded into not thinking that that Timecube exists.

Timecube Flow Diagram

What is the Timecube? Well obviously it is the fact that we think we have 24 hour days, but actually we have four sides of a 96 hour timecube. Duh! Apparently he’ll give you $1000 (or $10,000) if you can disprove the Timecube. It took me some time to glean any of this information. The website is very hard to read and quite entertaining for its random defiances against a ‘queer god’ and ‘dumb teachers’. I mostly consists of racist, homophobic hate speech, but there are some real gems!

“Greenwich 1 day is a lie. 4 quadrants = 4 corners, and 4 different directions. Each Earth corner rotates own separate 24 hour day. “

“Earth entity does not exist – for it is composed of opposite hemispheres which rotate in opposite directions – equating to a zero value existence, and to nothing as a “singularity”. “

and my favourite so far:

“You have a cyclop perspective and taught android mentality = lobotomized analytical ability. Educated singularity stupid – You can’t think 4 corner days. ”

I found this website after a few of the other students were talking about it at coffee. There are other sites linking off of it, one includes the above diagram which is so fabulously nonsensical that I almost want to frame it on my wall in the office.

Time Cube Explaination

Don’t you just love the ‘You Are Here’ pointer? That cleared it all up for me! I looked to see if it was all a joke, but alas, it seems that this guys really does represent the best and worst things about the internet. Oh and he has a Wikipedia entry for the effort he’s put in.

If you think I haven’t explained this very clearly then by all means go over to the Timecube site and see if you can make more sense of it than I did. One of my favourite websites of the week!

Gene Ray - Wisest Human


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