Carnival of Space 55

This week’s Carnival of Space is being hosted by a website called Catholic Sensibility, who’s subtitle “faith in God, life on Earth, inspiration for the pilgrimage … the important things” seems somewhat out of place amongst the space postings. Looking back over the blog’s previous posts I see the author is into astronomy. It got me thinking that amongst the astronomy bloggers online, there must be a range of beliefs. I wonder if a debate could be arranged between these differing world views. It might make for interesting reading.

Anyone want to offer themselves up for a ‘big’ discussion? I’ll happily host a page proffering debate titles and then individuals can write a post on their own site to support or refute, which I can index with the motion. If enough of you are up for it, I’ll start the first debate on whether science and religion are compatible world views.

Vote with your comments!


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