The Great Debate: The Compatibility of Science and Religion

Inspired by the hosting of the Carnival of Space by a catholic website, I thought it would be interesting to have a debate between bloggers on the matter of the compatibility of science and religion.

The statement we are debating is a very general one: “Science and religion are ultimately incompatible world views”. If it works out this time, we’ll try another at some point, maybe more specific.

So if you wish to take part (or wade in), then either

  • enter a comment here or
  • post a blog entry on your own site and place a link in the comments

The rules are simple:

  • be courteous and do not swear excessively (or at all if you can help it).
  • no flaming (i.e. needless insulting etc)
  • try to stick to topic

Let the debate begin!



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