Obligatory Phoenix Post

Plantetary landers are far from my speciality, so I’ll not dwell on Phoenix too long. Last night’s landing was well-covered by the blogosphere and in particular (took the BBC ages to catch up in fact), I was following the MarsPhoenix Twitter feed and The Planetary Society. The University of Arizona has an excellent webpage covering the mission and of course NASA also has much to say. Both are great sites and easy to read.

If, as my brother-in-law would say, you want to skip to the end: here are the pictures! First up is the first image sent back of the surface. It is black and white because that way they could send the image quickly and more easily in order to test out the lander. Phoenix has 14 colour filters and will be able to send full colour pictures later on.

Above we have a false colour image (UV and infrared filters) showing the hexagonal features of the ground in this arctic region. Below is a tall panorama showing the vast plains that are indicative of the geographical region on Mars, where Phoenix has landed.


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