Thanks to JPSmythe I have been playing with Wordle, a website that creates graphical representations of documents. Above you can see my paper on star formation in the Rho Ophiuchi region as a Wordle cloud. Below is the same document in the original LaTex format. anyone that knows the joys of LaTex will understand what all those odd words are.

I also wordled the recently influential WMAP paper, which studied the cosmic microwave background in great details:

Hubble’s famous paper on the expansion of the Universe and the nature of red shift:

Then I thought to query the astrophysical papers database for the most cited papers to see what names or keywords came up. The results can be seen here:

I also thought it would be interesting to do the popular Bad Astronomy blog (current RSS feed):

Finally here is the current word cloud for Digg Space:

PS: Can you tell I am a little bored today?


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