Busy Busy Busy

It has been a very busy Summer for me, and now it looks to be a very busy Autumn. This week I will be running the .Astronomy Conference, a meeting about networked astronomy and the new media. I recently submitted a telescope proposal for time on the JCMT. I have submitted a paper and am writing another. I am working with schools again this year and starting up new podcasts. I am working on some really cool data and more importantly, I have only a year left of my PhD.

With all of this in mind I think its time to admit that I cannot post as often on this blog. I will have to scale back a bit and so to prevent the blog from becoming filled with other material I have turned off the Skynote and Digg integration. These automated posts were great when I was blogging once a day, but now feel more like blog spam.

I will also be changing the blog’s design during October to match the new, slower pace and to emphasize the many projects I am also working on. I intend to make the Google Sky and Google Earth materials open source (oh no, I’ll have to comment my code) and to drop some new scripts down here for you to try.

All in all I think I have to take some good advice and make this site more about quality than quantity. Less blogging what has already been blogged and more on the stuff that’s new and directly from my brain to the server.

If you can join us over at .Astronomy this week (ustream worked yesterday…) then we’d love to have you. Other than that, I’ll see you in a couple of weeks via good ol’ Orbiting Frog.


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