365 Days of Astronomy

It’ll be upon us before we know it: 2009 is less than three months away! It will be the International Year of Astronomy and as part of the festivities, a new podcast is being launched. Every day, a new episode of 365 Days of Astronomy will become available for your listening pleasure. Each edition will be created by a different person, or group of people from all over the world offering their own unique perspective. Who might you hear? Well, you, for a start!

To volunteer to make your mark and record your very own episode of this epic, podcast endeavour, you only need to register on the newly launched 365 Days of Astronomy website. After that, click on ‘Join In’ and follow the instructions.

365 Days of Astronomy represents a great challenge and it should be brilliant to tune in each day and hear something completely new and interesting. It is vital that as many people, from as many parts of the world get signed up. So ask your school, youth group, badminton club, football team, decorators and anyone else to take a look and think about having a go.

Podcasting is easier that you might think and to be part of this exciting global initiative would be something you’d remember forever. So whether you’re 1 or 100, 365 Days of Astronomy is waiting for you. The website will also be giving tips on podcasting and will be doing everything they can to make sure the process is reasonably simply and easy to do.


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