arXiv on Twitter

I like arXiv and I like Twitter, so I decided to combine to two. arXiv on Twitter is a weekend project that captures mentions of arXiv papers on Twitter and then displays them in interesting ways. I hope that this will eventually lead to the most talked-about papers rising to the top of the list  – regardless of their field of study.

I find that reading papers outside of my own academic field is quite compelling and often sparks the imagination. The problem of course is knowing which papers one should read if you’re not inside the system. After a few weeks this website should begin to show the emerging favourites in any field.

It’s also interesting to simply see what gets talked about. As the data piles up, it will be possible to filter the papers into different topics or types. It might, for example, be useful to see what astrophysics papers are most discussed in a given month, or which biology paper has risen fastest through the ranks this week.


The engine behind the site periodically looks for tweets that contain both the word ‘arxiv’ and an paper identifier (such as 0102.3456). You can see a list of recently detected tweets on the site itself. In this way it will pick up anyone mentioning an arXiv URL or someone who tags their tweets #arxiv and includes the paper id – two things that I often see. It also therefore keeps the idea global – you don’t have to tweet in English.

The statistics and top-tens are worked out democratically:

  • If a paper is tweeted 4 times then it is ranked 4x higher than a paper that is mentioned only once.
  • I place no restrictions on multiple mentions by the same user at present.
  • One can mention more than one paper in a single tweet. This will give each paper a single vote.
  • Mentioning the same id code more than once in a tweet does nothing.

If it continues to look interesting, I have every intention of adding more detailed trends to the site as time goes by. For now, I just need data – and by that I mean tweets! Start tweeting about your favourite papers now! If you have any thoughts on the kind of data you’d like to se displayed, then let me know in the comments.

I’m a bit confused about what to call this new site. ‘twarxiv’ came to mind, but is entirely inaccessible to outsiders! Anyone have ideas? If you can think of a good name, or have any other suggestions about arXiv on Twitter then please leave a comment here or contact me @orbitingfrog.


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