Bienvenue OverTwitter

I have been working on a way to internationalize (is that a word?) my OverTwitter feeds, which predict visible passes of satellites as well as Iridium flares. It started to become embarrassing that the @overparis, @overmadrid and @overberlin feeds were not in French, Spanish and German, for example.

I think it is technically now possible and so I am putting out a personal plea for translators! Help! I have so far obtained a first draft version of my tweets in French and Dutch, as I will outline below.

The phrases that needs translation are as follows:

SATELLITE will pass over CITY at mag XX at HH:MM on DD/MM. Moves from XX° elevation COMPASS to XX° elevation COMPASS over X min

Mag XX Iridium flare over CITY at HH:MM on DD/MM. Will appear at XX° elevation, bearing XX° from North

Here is a list of the current feeds that need translating. If you would like to volunteer to help me out when please reply to me @orbitingfrog. The only requirement I have is that you have a Twitter account so that you can stay subscribed to the feed as we get the translation right.

So here’s the list as it stands. Feel free to comment or tweet and I’ll update the list as we go along.

French (AixParis) (with thanks to @sarahkendrew)

  • L’SATELLITE passera au-dessus de CITY avec mag XX à HH:MM le DD/MM. Trajectoire de XX° d’élévation COMPASS à XX° d’élévation COMPASS en XX min
  • Flash Iridium mag XX au-dessus de CITY à HH:MM le DD/MM. Apparaîtra à XX° d’élévation, XX° d’azimuth

Dutch (Amsterdam) (with thanks to @sarahkendrew)

  • SATELLITE vliegt over CITY met helderheid XX om HH:MM op DD/MM. De hoogte gaat van XX° COMPASS naar XX° COMPASS, gedurende XX min
  • Iridiumflits met helderheid XX over CITY om HH:MM u op DD/MM. Verschijnt op hoogte van XX° N, XX° azimut

Greek (Athens)

Norwegian (Bergen)

German (BerlinMunchenWien) (with thanks to @drmirror)

  • SATELLITE überquert CITY mit Helligkeit XX um HH:MM am DD/MM. Zieht von XX° Höhe COMPASS nach XX° Höhe COMPASS in X min.
  • Iridium Flare der Helligkeit XX über CITY um HH:MM am DD/MM. Erscheint in XX° Höhe, Richtung XX° von Nord.

Spanish (Madrid)

Russian (Moscow)

Czech (Prague)

Italian (Rome)

Korean (Seoul)

Swedish (Stockholm)

Arabic (Tehran)

Japanese (Tokyo)

Hebrew (Tel Aviv)

Other languages for possible future feeds:



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