IAU Inaugural Ceremony

Sitting waiting for the opening ceremony to begin. The President is here, so are the governor and the mayor.

They are showing images of dwarf planets on the central screen.

The lights are dimming. I wonder if I can liveblog from the iPhone?

1416: Yes it seems I can.

1422: Whenever you’re ready guys, no hurry. The lights have undimmed! “The governor did not arrive yet but now he is arriving” we are told. I hope it’s really Arnie.

1435: President arrives to much fuss and bother.

1447: “All men and women are born astronomers” – Catherine Cesarsky, IAU President

1449: “IYA has already surpassed all expectations” – Catherine Cesarsky, IAU President

1450: “Never before have so many professionals, amateurs, journalists and educators come together in such a way” – Catherine Cesarsky, IAU President

1453: Portuguese for Pluto is Plutão, Portuguese for Makemake is Makemake


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