Astronomy du Jour

Ah France! I am once again enjoying a timeout in Provence, where I have dark, clear skies most nights, a large supply of good wine and too much cheese. As always, we arrived around the time of the Perseids and get a fabulous display dispite being well off the maximum by now.

Last time I was here I attempted to observe all the planets and Pluto – in one day. In the end only Mercury evaded me and so I still have that target in mind for another trip. This time, though I have my sights set on the asteroids. Observing asteroids is something I’ve never thought to try really. It occurred to me the other night though that with these excellent dark skies and the trusty Meade ETX-90 Autostar, I could probably bag a few of them.

A quick check with Starry Night shows me that there are a few visible and prominent in the late evening, notably


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