#uksnow from Space

Wow! I saw this amazing image thanks to Stuart retweeting a @NASA posting. It shows the UK covered in snow, from the NASA Earth Observatory program website and it was taken today, January 7th! Click on the image to get a much higher-resolution version. You can see how the cities are less white, due to clearing of the snow, and how clear the waters are around the British Isles as well. Most amazing to my eye is how much of the UK is so very white. Living in an urban area it is easy to forget how little space we really take up in this country, despite our heaving population density in some parts.

The swirl of cloud heading in from the southeast is bringing more snow tonight and tomorrow for much of the country as the big freeze continues. You can keep track of the snow via the user-generated #uksnow map from Ben Marsh.

UK Covered in Snow


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