Graphene Nobel for Manchester

Andre Geim, an Ig Nobel laureate and physicist working at the University of Manchester has been jointly awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics. He is joined by Konstantin Novoselov, his former PhD student and research partner in ground-breaking work on a substance called Graphene, which forms the basis of carbon-nanotubes amongst other things.

Geim was awarded the Ig Nobel in 2000 for making a frog levitate in a magnetic field and the pair also developed an incredible sticky tape by modelling it on the way a Gecko sticks to extremely smooth surfaces. The pair’s are now winners of one of the greatest prizes in science. Congratulations to them!

You can read more about them on the official site, and check out the video of Geim’s levitating frog via this link. How timely that a UK physicist should win the Nobel Prize just ahead of hefty government cuts for science.


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