Solar System Walking Tour of Oxford

I’m organising a walking tour of Oxford with a difference. I want to walk the Solar System for Tal’s Good Feet. You can buy or reserve tickets at

Using the landmarks of the historic city of Oxford, this walking tour takes you around the wonders of the Solar System. You’ll begin your journey in the centre of the Solar System, the Sun, and make your way outward towards the cold, outer reaches of Neptune and beyond. Your guide on this walking tour is… me!

As we journey through each of the planets, we’ll stop and learn about them. You’ll get a feel for how enormous not only planet Earth is, but also the Solar System, the Galaxy and even the Universe itself. Each of the planets has its own fascinating story. Using the city of Oxford as a guide, you’ll feel exactly how scorchingly close Mercury orbits to the Sun, and how unfathomably cold and dark the outer reaches of the Solar System really are.

If you’d like to run your own walking tour of the Solar System in another town, for Tal’s Good Feet then please get in touch with me. I have some tools for easily laying out a scale on Google Earth and would be happy to help you plan it.


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