Solar System by Numbers

Had a bit of fun this weekend creating these oh-so-factual images of the Sun and Planets. There are up to 10 numbers used to create each image – each one giving a characteristic of that particular world, such as the orbital period in years or the mean surface temperature.

These were all made on my iPhone too. Yeah that’s right: I geeked out.

The Sun: create using SOHO image found at

Mercury: created from NASA Messenger image at

Venus: created from Magellan image at

Created using NASA’s Blue Marble (

Mars: created from Hubble image at

Jupiter: created using Voyager image found at

Saturn: created using Cassini image found at

Uranus: created using Voyager image found at

Neptune: create using Voyager 2 image found at

These image are all on Flickr too.

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