Faster Than a Speeding Cyclist

After a particularly awful few days of bus commuting, I have been considering the merits and pitfalls of my method of travel to work. Mostly I began by trying to figure out whether the effort put into cycling to work would be worth any saved time or inconvenience.

Rather astonishingly, my average speed on the bus works out as between 6 and 12mph. That takes the distance between each end and divides by the two extremes of travel time. I sit in traffic a lot.

According to multiple sources, cyclists travel at 12-15mph on average. That being said, I still don’t fancy cycling the 20 miles each day (twice).

My average commuting speed is similar to the world record speed for freestyle 50m swimming (5.3mph) and for marathon running (12.8mph). It is similar to the speed of transmission of sensory neurons (5-25m/s) and worryingly only 2x faster than the average walking pace.

These stats are taken from Wikipedia. A special shutout to Stagecoach Oxford or being so appallingly bad and wasting hours of my life each week!

This post was written on the A40 at an average of 2mph. Ugh.


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