Oxford Solar System Walk

If you live here in Oxford you can now explore the Solar System amongst the spires!

Originally created for Tal’s Good Feet, this walk turns Oxford into a scale model of the Solar System. It takes 60-90 minutes to walk out to Neptune and back. You can download the walking tour as a PDF leaflet, or use the embedded map below.

We will be doing some of these walks tomorrow. as guided tours accompanied by an astronomer from the University, as part of Oxford University’s Stargazing Oxford event. If you’re interested in coming along (at 2pm or 4pm tomorrow) then let me know either through Twitter or here. UPDATE: You can register yourself, or a group, for the walk tomorrow at this link: http://tinyurl.com/oxfordsswsignup.

I’ve created a permanent link to this on the blog at https://orbitingfrog.com/solarsystemwalk. There are some interesting expansion plans for this idea – which I’ll blog about in due course.


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