Amazing Perseid Meteor Animation

Tonight (and last night too) have been your best chance to see this year’s Perseid meteor shower. With little or no Moon to wash out the skies, it’s a great chance to see, and to snap a picture of, this fantastic annual display.

Astrophotographer and general space image wizard Mel Gigg has produced a superb animation of a Perseid meteor disintegrating in the night sky above the UK (Near Chipping Norton in fact). In case you’re having trouble seeing the animated GIF here’s the direct URL.

The detail, particularly on the trail the meteor leaves behind, is just amazing. If you aren’t already, follow Mel Gigg on Flickr for more stunning images.

Although the peak of the show has passed, there’s still the opportunity to see shooting stars like this over the next couple of nights. Find a dark spot, with clear skies and wait (take a hot drink or something if you’re like me). Patience will be rewarded as you must let your eyes adjust to the dark. The Perseids emanate from the North East (in the constellation Perseus) but they fly all over the sky on a good night.

Good luck – and thanks to Mel, you now know what to look out for.


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