Astronomy Resources for Teachers

Here are some links, facts and ideas for teachers, educators and anyone else that wants them. Quite often when I’m visiting schools, I throw lots of URLs around and talk about websites that kids and teachers might like. Then I often forget to give them these URLs and tips. So here they are! Feel free to suggest additions to this page by contacting me online on via Twitter @orbitingfrog.

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Awesome Websites for the Classroom

Spot the Station: Get email alerts for the International Space Station (ISS) going over your location.

Heaven’s Above: A website that lets you determine spotting-times for satellites, the planets, comets and more.

Zooniverse and Zoo Teach: Citizen science platform (that I am part of) with projects like Galaxy Zoo, the Milky Way Project and Snapshot Serengeti.

EyeWire: For older kids, this ‘game to map the brain’ is an awesome project from pals at MIT.

Chromoscope: Explore our Galaxy in another light. See what the night sky looks like in radio, infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray and more. It’s fun, educational and cool looking.

Star in a Box: This one is for the older students – particularly if you’re learning about the life-cycle of stars. You can make your star and then set it going and see how it lives. It’s all explained on the site.

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Useful Apps for iPhones, iPads and More

GoSatWatch: a paid iOS app that tells you where to see various interesting satellites – including the International Space Station. It includes push notifications for imminent visible transits of cool objects.

Solar System: this iPad app is essentially a rich, interactive coffeetable book about the Solar System. It’s fantastic and a steal at £9.99.

Planets: a simple iPhone app that let’s you know when the planet rising and setting. It also includes a fab user-interface for exploring the night sky in multiple wavelengths.

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Super Space Books that Little Kids Like

Aliens Love Underpants: A simple story that may not be totally scientifically valid, but hey, they like it!

Man on the Moon: A really like the fun of this little tale. The drawings are fabulous. Thanks to Radio Vicky for sending me this one!

Zoo in the Sky: Beautiful book that balances make-believe, poetry, and facts perfectly. Just lovely.


Online Videos About Space and Exploration:

Commander Chris Hadfield: the musical, moustachioed Canadian lived on the ISS from Dec 2012 to May 2013. A seasoned NASA astronaut and fantastic science communicator, Commander Hadfield produced a series of interesting and funny YouTube videos whilst aboard. It’s a great way to learn about living in space, and the International Space Station. For example, check out videos on the ISS Kitchen, sleeping in space, brushing your teeth, and shaving.

What Do You See from the ISS? A timelapse video of the ISS flying around the world. Just gorgeous! There are lot of these so Google is your friend.

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