The video above is the live feed from justin.tv an experiment in web video created by Justin, the star of the ‘show’ and three of his friends. In an effort to start up a video streaming company they decided to prove how easy it was to broadcast live video to the web. To do this,... Continue Reading →

Floating Fun

Magnet Levitates Originally uploaded by ttfnrob. In last week’s lab we had some more fun with liquid nitrogen. This time we used it to cool a ceramic superconductor (i.e. not a metal one) and then floated a magnet on top of it. The result in shown in the image above. What your seeing is a... Continue Reading →

Listen Up

I listen to a lot of music. On my iPod and on my laptop you will find a vast array of recently played tracks in one playlist (smart or otherwise) or another. My tastes are usually somewhere between formerly-mainstream, alternative and American soft rock. However I also like a few other oddities (Buffy musical anyone?).... Continue Reading →

Dydd G?yl Dewi yn y Labordy Ffiseg

Dydd G?yl Dewi yn y Labordy Ffiseg Originally uploaded by huwwaters. I don’t speak Welsh but assume this says something like ‘daffodil that was frozen in nitrogen and then crushed during first year physics lab’. I know that because I crushed and froze it myself and this photo was taken by one of the lab... Continue Reading →

Lunar Eclipse: Reminder

Just a quick reminder to look our for tomorrow’s total lunar eclipse. Its starts at around 9.30pm with totality from 10.45pm to midnight (approx). For more info see my original post.

Pluto’s Still A Planet

So if you know me you’ll know that I’m annoyed about Pluto being demoted last year to Dwarf Planet. Well I’ve decided its now time to let it go. Pluto is still a planet, it may be a dwarf planet but just as dwarf stars are still stars and dwarf galaxies are still galaxies, dwarf... Continue Reading →

Lunar Eclipse: March 3rd

Phases of a Total Lunar Eclipse Originally uploaded by Fort Photo. Lunar eclipses are very cool because they are much more widely visible than solar eclipses. On Saturday March 3rd there is going to be a lunar eclipse which you can see from all over the Americas, Europe, Africa and and western Asia. All you... Continue Reading →

The Faulkes Telescope

M16 The Eagle Nebula Originally uploaded by ttfnrob. Today I had the chance to quiz my friends Fraser and Vanessa about the Faulkes Telescope. Faulkes is actually two scopes - one Northern one Southern - which are robotic. They can be controlled by various groups around the world who might oherwise not have access to... Continue Reading →

The Cardiff Snow

two Originally uploaded by late night movie. So I think we just had Winter. Thursday and Friday’s snow fell hard and fast but was gone just as quickly in the end. Which was a bit sad. Although I have heard reports that in the Brecon Beacons the sledging was excellent over the weekend. I found... Continue Reading →

Monty the Snowplough

Monty the Snowplough Originally uploaded by ttfnrob. Our little monster, Monty had his first try out in the snow this morning. At first he was very wary but soon got over his fears and started to tunnel around the garden using his nose. He would bundle up a small roll of snow and then attack... Continue Reading →

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