This article from the British Science Association explains why Citizen Science should be fantastic for classrooms, but also why some projects just don’t click with the kids. Really nice piece.The 3Rs: Citizen science in the classroom

We’re very pleased to present the Unproceedings of the Fourth .Astronomy Conference (.Astronomy 4), which was held in Heidelberg, Germany, July 9-11 2012. The goal of the .Astronomy conference series is to bring together astronomers, educators, developers and others interested in using the Internet as a medium for astronomy.Unproceedings of .Astronomy 4

.Astronomy Hack Day NYC

On Saturday, New York astronomy geeks will convene at the offices of for the first .Astronomy Hack Day! We do hack days as part of the main .Astronomy events and people have often asked us to do hack days outside of the main conference series. So when August Muench began saying he’d like to... Continue Reading →

.Astronomy 4

In 2008, in the midst of my PhD, I ran a conference called .Astronomy. The idea was to bring together all the other astronomers who were into the web and networks. It might not seem very long ago, but 2008 was before Twitter went mainstream and before everyone’s gran was on Facebook - to use... Continue Reading →

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