The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula

Elephant's Trunk Nebula SHO 20 light years long, and 2,400 light years away, this dark, dense nebula is part of a star-forming region (IC 1396). The Elephant’s Trunk itself is thought to contain several very young protostars. At the very top of the trunk you can see a tiny star that has ignited fusion and... Continue Reading →

The North America Nebula & Pelican Nebula

The North America Nebula (NGC 7000) and neighbouring Pelican Nebula (IC5070 and IC5067) in Cygnus, near Deneb. A bright emission nebula, partially obscured by dust along the line-of-sight. These combine to create the distinctive shapes, which resemble the Southeastern coastline of the USA, and Gulf of Mexico; and Pelican - hence the names. This LRGB... Continue Reading →

UK Eclipse 2015 Photos

Today's partial Solar eclipse is off to a great start here in Witney, where the cloud cover is working as a perfect solar filter. The eclipse culminated here as a smiling, Cheshire cat-style grin 🙂

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