Track Atlantis #STS135 on Google Earth

I have a bunch of satellite tracking scripts for Google Earth  and Twitter, and the recent Space Shuttle launch prompted a lot of enquires about tracking Atlantis in orbit. So here is a Google Earth KMZ file for doing just that: Google Earth STS-135 tracker for Space Shuttle Atlantis.

With the final Space Shuttle launch last week, I’ve had a lot of interest lately about my satellite tracking scripts for Google Earth. They had fallen a little out of date so I have updated them and the page has been updated and linked to from the blog once more.Satellite Tracking on Google Earth [UPDATE]

Tracking the Remains of Iridium 33 and Cosmos 2251

Tuesday February 10th saw the accidental collision of an operational, and privately owned communications satellite (Iridium 33) and an old, unused Russian satellite (Cosmos-2251). Celestrak are now providing tracking data for the debris of this collision and I have patched it through to Google Earth using my Satellite KML code. You can download the Google Earth... Continue Reading →

Space Telescopes on Google Earth

Continuing my series of posts regarding Google Sky and Google Earth, here is a KMZ file that will let you find some of the prominent and interesting space telescopes and satellites on Google Earth. This file includes real-time position tracking and 1 hour flight paths for: Swift Gamma Ray Mission (NASA) RoSat (NASA, UK, Germany)... Continue Reading →

China Satellite Debris in Google Earth

I was presenting this week’s Astrolunch talk at university. I chose to discuss space debris, and this included a quick overview of the Chinese missile test last year, which create a huge cloud of fragmented debris, much of which is still orbiting the Earth. In January 2007, China launched a surface-to-orbit missile that destroyed a... Continue Reading →

Satellites on Google Earth

UPDATE: New Google Earth tracking files for Space Telescopes are now up. Hot on the heels of putting all the SCUBA data onto Google Sky, I am now sharing some Google Earth goodies. The KML files below will allow you to view the location of any satellite on Google Earth with latitude, longitude and altitude... Continue Reading →

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