On Top of the World

I’m currently on a trip around the Northern part of Norway to try and see the Northern Lights. This arctic cruise, organised by the Oxford Alumni office, sees me in the role of Trip Scholar. This means I give some talks, do some on-deck stargazing sessions and make myself available to answer questions about astronomy.... Continue Reading →

Science in Real Time

This past week has been busy thanks to some great media coverage for the Zooniverse, both online, on TV and at the big astronomy meeting in the USA last week (AAS in Austin, Texas). You can read about the specific AAS science highlights on Chris’ Zooniverse blog post, and about the meeting itself from various other... Continue Reading →


You can add all sorts of bizarre and specific ‘life events’ to Facebook with the new Timeline feature. These include ‘piercing’, ‘new vehicle’, ‘change of belief’ and ‘loss of a loved one’ - where creepily you can specify the person who died if they are on Facebook. I can’t figure out if this future is... Continue Reading →

The tagline for PaperRater is ‘open review, collaborative reading of scientific papers’. This seems like a good idea, but requires more people to use it more often, in order to be useful. I have some ideas on how it could be improved, but thought it was a good idea to actually use it first. If... Continue Reading →

Ancient History

Its almost a year since we moved to Witney, a few miles West of Oxford. Witney is a typical, Cotswold town in many ways, but that description doesn’t really do it justice. Witney is bustling with people and lively, small events. People here are chatty and friendly and very… well English, I suppose. It’s all... Continue Reading →

Galaxy Zoo Finds the Milky Way’s Twin

A-Level student Tim Buckman from Portsmouth Grammer School Has used Galaxy Zoo to find our own galaxy’s twin (see image below). He spent 6 weeks working with Karen Masters at Portsmouth University this summer through the Nuffield Science Bursery Scheme. You can read his blog post about it on the Galaxy Zoo Blog. This galaxy is as close... Continue Reading →

Tal’s Good Feet: Prognosis

If you’ve been following the progress of my nephew Tal, there was big news from Saint Louis yesterday! Tal (Taliesin) has been in the US for almost a month, undergoing spinal surgery and weeks of physiotherapy to reduce the effects of cerebral palsy. The procedure he has undergone is called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) and is... Continue Reading →

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