.Astronomy PenCasting Gallery

Pencasts are interactive Flash videos of handwritten notes and audio captured by the Pulse Livescribe smartpen. Jose Enrique Ruiz created this lovely gallery of pencasts during the .Astronomy Hack Day, as a way of explaining them to everyone. The pens cost about £100 and do some other amazing things too. A very clever idea and […]

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ChromoTone is a wonderful way to explore the meaning of astronomy in wavelengths beyond the optical. Rather than apply colours to the different wavelengths of the EM spectrum, ChromoTone uses different notes, turning colour into musical sounds. What’s really great about ChromoTone is the blend of astronomy and music. The group that made this cool […]

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There are several women astronauts. The earliest footprints — 3.6 million years old — made by a member of the human family have been found in a volcanic ash flow in Tanzania by Mary Leakey. Trailblazing studies of the behavior of primates in the wild have been performed by dozens of young women, each spending […]

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