Planet Four

Tonight is the start of the 2013 round of the wonderful BBC Stargazing Live. three nights of primetime astronomy programmes, hosted live from the iconic Jodrell Bank. Last year the Zooniverse asked the Stargazing Live viewers to find an exoplanet via Planet Hunters (and they did!). This year we want everyone to scour the surface of […]


The Andromeda Project

Last week we launched a brand new Zooniverse site: The Andromeda Project. We’re asking people to spot star clusters in the Andromeda galaxy in data from the Hubble Space Telescope. You might think it sounds like menial work but it’s strangely addictive –  and incredibly useful for the researchers behind the data. This project joins […]


Whale FM

Today saw the launch of a website I have been working on for the past few months: Whale FM. This project is attempting to crowd source the work of pairing up more than 16,000 unique whale calls. The sound shave been recorded by various teams around the world and chopped up into distinct calls – […]