Mining the Astronomical Literature

At .Astronomy 4 in Heidelberg, I began hacking on some natural language processing of the astronomical literature as part of my Hack Day project with Sarah Kendrew and Karen Masters. It began as a version of BrainScanr for astronomy - which it can still become - however it also provides an interesting database to explore,... Continue Reading →

.Astronomy 4

In 2008, in the midst of my PhD, I ran a conference called .Astronomy. The idea was to bring together all the other astronomers who were into the web and networks. It might not seem very long ago, but 2008 was before Twitter went mainstream and before everyone’s gran was on Facebook - to use... Continue Reading →

Answers for Allensbank

The other week I gave a talk at Allensbank Primary School - a nearby school for children aged 4 to 11. I mainly told them about the planets and the Solar System but obviously we got onto other topics too. We had a fun questions and answers session at the end but there is never... Continue Reading →

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