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I was lucky enough to visit Norway last week. I lead a group chasing the aurora (as best you can in cloud!) over the top of Norway from Tromsø to the Russian border – and back again. We were on a boat. Being that my favourite photographer was with me, we got some great shots of icy Norway. We were also lucky enough to have Inger Carter with us, our local Norwegian guide, who is a bit of an aurora-photography expert too. Here are some photos of our trip.


A recent APOD featured this beautiful video of the Northern Lights over Norway. The opening shot is almost exactly how I saw the aurora in 2012. The Sun is at the peak of its activity and therefore the likelihood of seeing aurora (at either pole) are increased at the moment.

Amazing picture here of the Northern Lights from space. Spotted on Digg (link here). The Aurorae are created by the interaction between outflows of energetic material from the Sun and the Earth’s ionosphere. I have never seen any, but very much would like to.