Cool Space Facts for Young Children

I thought it would be fun to ask Twitter what space fact they would tell kids aged 7. Today I spoke to a class of young children about the Solar System and managed to get a few of these into my hour. I rather enjoyed the various responses and thought they might inspire more in turn.... Continue Reading →

Answers for Allensbank

The other week I gave a talk at Allensbank Primary School - a nearby school for children aged 4 to 11. I mainly told them about the planets and the Solar System but obviously we got onto other topics too. We had a fun questions and answers session at the end but there is never... Continue Reading →

Air Pressure and Coke Cans

I recently did a piece on measuring the speed of light using your microwave. Well here is some more physics you can play with in your kitchen. This time let’s create a vacuum and then use it to crush something. I like crushing things. Don’t we all? What you will need: A regular drinks can... Continue Reading →

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