A Tour: From You to the Largest Structure in the Universe

Line 1. Let’s start with 'typical' humans. The average human adult male is 1.75 metres tall - that's 3.83 cubits or 5.74 feet. The average female is 1.62 metres - that's 5.4 light-nanoseconds or 0.008 furlongs. You live on Earth (Sol d, perhaps?). This is an Earth-like planet in a Sun-like star system. The third planet of eight... Continue Reading →

Backstage at BBC Stargazing Live

This week is the BBC's Stargazing Live show: three now-annual nights of live stargazing and astronomy chatter, live from Jodrell Bank. CBeebies are also getting in on the act this year, which I'm excited about. The Zooniverse are part of the show for the third year running and this time I have the pleasure of being here... Continue Reading →

The View from Saturn

This image was taken by Cassini, the amazing spacecraft that has been orbiting Saturn and its Moons for a decade. This image shows a view toward the Sun from Saturn - the most distant planet normally visible with the naked eye. As well as showing Saturn's rings in all their glory, several of Saturn's moons... Continue Reading →

Astronomy in Everyday Life

Astronomers are sometimes asked to defend public funding of their work. It’s difficult to answer because I really do think that there are lots of things we should do just because they’re interesting and enriching and that science shouldn’t be limited be what is economically beneficial. That said, astronomy is often given an easy ride... Continue Reading →

.Astronomy 5: What’s Next?

As the fifth .Astronomy came to a close on Wednesday, I felt as I always do at the end of these meetings: tired, emotional and super-excited. It's hard to explain the energy at these events. There is something almost magical in the air as the participants 'click' (usually about an hour in) and then begin... Continue Reading →

Amazing Perseid Meteor Animation

Tonight (and last night too) have been your best chance to see this year's Perseid meteor shower. With little or no Moon to wash out the skies, it's a great chance to see, and to snap a picture of, this fantastic annual display. Astrophotographer and general space image wizard Mel Gigg has produced a superb... Continue Reading →

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